The best places to purchase pet chameleons

Where to buy Chameleons

Buying live chameleons, but where?

Most pet stores don’t carry them, so options are fairly limited if you’d like to buy a pet chameleon. You can purchase one of mine by visiting the live chameleons page. I’ll ship right to your doorstep, complete with a live arrival guarantee. This way, you can be sure they’re cared for in the highest regard possible.

Reptile expos also generally have chameleons, but they can be few and far between if you’re looking for anything special.

how long do chameleons live

Here’s a female Crested chameleon (Chamaeleo cristatus),
right after she laid 17 beautiful eggs for me that hatched a
few months later. You really should experience the world
of chameleons for yourself!

If you’re serious about chameleons and you’d like to expand your knowledge of them, I highly recommend you read the following books cover-to-cover. Experience is a great teacher, but reading the experiences of others is always a welcome addition: